Monday, March 8, 2010


I stopped by 5-Rivers this afternoon after work. It was an incredible late winter day. Not a cloud in the sky, mild temperatures and a light breeze. As I approached the Sunfish Pond I spotted a bird that was a little smaller than a crow sitting on a dead snag. It was a raptor with long wings and it certainly had my attention. I was looking right into the sun and couldn't get a real great look at it. It finally turned it's head and gave away it's identity. It was a Merlin. Now the question was if the bird would sit still until I walked around the pond and got my back to the sun. It did.

Merlins are one of those birds that have become more frequent in our area during the winter months and migration. When I first started birding they were very uncommon at at any time of the year.

I was really hoping that this bird would head out to the big field and do some hunting.

A Northern Harrier was also spotted.

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