Sunday, March 15, 2009


We've almost made it to the first day of spring and the weather is really starting to cooperate. The days are becoming noticeably longer and the sun is getting a little bit of warmth to it.

As I was walking around I heard some soft tapping from above. A Red-breasted Nuthatch was working on this hole. This tree was right next to a stand of pines and the Nuthatch made a hasty retreat once it realized I was watching it.

An Eastern Chipmunk was also spotted sunning itself. Now that's a true sign of spring.

A small flock of Purple Finches was also found today. They had found a Crabapple tree
that still had some fruit on it. Probably an important find for them as there is not a lot of other food around this time of year.

They were completely silent as they worked on the dehydrated fruits.

I took a ride over to Schoharie county in the afternoon. While hiking through the state forest I realized that there was something else in the stand of Hemlock that I was in. There were 2 Barred Owls keeping a close eye on me. From the way that they were acting it was a male and female that were getting ready to nest. I was only able to get photos of what I believe was the male. The other bird stayed further back all the while making some interesting vocalizations.

The black, beady eyes of the Barred Owl give it a unique and as some would say, a mystical appearance. From my own experience they are the most aggressive species of owl in our area.

A Red-shouldered Hawk was also spotted. A pair usually nests in the state forest. Hopefully this one will be successful.

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