Sunday, March 22, 2009

WEEKEND OF 3/21-3/22

Not a bad weekend. It's officially spring now and the weather seems to be cooperating. I spent the weekend birding close to home as there was quite a bit going on for this time of year.

As of Saturday the female Common Raven was still on the nest. The only time that I have seen her leave is on the rare occasion that the male is there perched next to her. The male Raven quickly spots me approaching and then takes off. She follows him only to return a short time later once I am out of sight. If she is there by herself, she never leaves and sits tight. It's a smart strategy as the nest blends in very well by itself and once someones attention is drawn to that area due to a bird flying away, its harder to spot an empty nest compared to one with the female sitting on it.

She remains motionless and silent, but that beady black eye keeps a close eye on me.

I stopped over to the Franklinton Vly on Sunday. Had a nice look a Gadwall that was there.

There was also a Bald Eagle there. Always great to see them.

Also spotted a Northern Shrike in the Town of Berne. It's getting near the end of their stay now and this could be last I'll see of them until next winter.

You know it's getting late for them when the Red-winged Blackbirds have arrived. The Shrike flew down next to a small pond and was hunting from a willow. A red-wing must have already set up a territory and seemed quite distressed by it's presence. The shrike completely ignored the blackbird and continued to hunt.

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